Glen Cullen Pool Filters and Pumps
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Eco-Chlor Salt Water Chlorinator

High performing & reliable self cleaning chlorinator
  • LCD digital display incorporating micro-processor technology
  • High and low salt fault lights
  • No flow sensor and fault light
  • Self regulating function if salt content is too high
  • Uses long life, high performance electrodes for extended cell
  • life and optimal chlorine production performance
  • Self-cleaning electrolytic cell for optimal convenience
  • SuperChlor mode for boosting chlorine levels during peak times
  • Fully automatic operation even when the owner is away


  • The fresh water alternative to salt!
  • Easy to manage
  • Backwash can be used to water the garden
  • The most economic way ofpurifying pool water

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    Using Glass Beads or Zeolite as a filter media as sand has been phased out!

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